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Hi Chase,

Happy birthday to GC! 

This is one heck of a surprise! This will definitely help many people to have real time advice and coaching! And it's a difficult and effortful thing to run. I'm glad to see you guys making this move. Thank you for changing the lives of so many men, including me.

I'm sure many of the readers (including myself) would also love to meet you guys in person! Unfortunately, college is a debt killer for me, so I might not be able to sign up this time. Hopefully will see you guys running this again! But I know it's very time consuming and require finesse in running to ensure it's smoothsailing.

However, you guys are the best ever in this area so I will definitely tell my friends who are also as keen as me in sharpening their girls skills in case you guys never run it again!

Cheering for you guys and best wishes from the bottom of my heart!