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Being present is good. You can be present while you're on your phone. I'm not advocating sitting on your phone for an hour lol. I know plenty of studs do this. But there is something not "present" about it obviously, since guys are bad at multi-tasking in general, but that's what is cool about it - you're "out" and people will want to pull you in, aka interest.

Have pulled it off myself tons of times, hence why I wrote the article.

Here's the secret: if it works, it works.

There's no one watching you and scoring your performance. What matters is results.

This is especially good form in social circle situations. Some of the coolest guys I know stay on the fringe of group hangouts when they're not in the spotlight and then close when someone comes into their web. James Bond probably wouldn't be on his phone since the only time he uses them is for communication with MI6 and doesn't want to leave himself vulnerable to a hack lol.


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