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Yes, you don't want to be too smooth. Good to have some rough edges on display.

If a girl is rude to you in a group setting, usually she's trying to throw you under the bus for one reason or another (unless she just has a really adolescent flirtation style). The best way to respond to bus-throwing is to escalate the fight, like you would with any bullying. You want the bully to stop kicking you in the legs, punch him in the nose. Same deal.

So you might have a situation like this:

Her: You're ugly.

You: Yeah, I'm sorry, I don't take advice from stupid people.


Her: You're ugly.

You: Oh, get over yourself.

Might cause a blow-up, but it's the only way to handle direct attacks in front of an audience.

Dismissing her may also work:

Her: You're ugly.

You: Thanks sweetheart. You're a doll.

If it's one-on-one... really need to know the context. Could be anything from flirtation to auto-rejection. "Thanks" with a sly smile could be the right response, or telling her you both need to bury the hatchet could be... different ones for different scenarios.

If your own girl undermines your masculinity, yeah, maybe bored look. Or call her out. Depends on severity.

Her: You didn't even defend yourself. You have no spine.

You: What the hell are you talking about? I told the guy off! What do you want me to go rip his spleen out because he called me a bad name? What's wrong with you?


You: [You recall something that happened last time with you and her]

Her: You have a good memory

You: Thanks

Her: They say people have good memory because they have little going on in their lives ;)

You: You're right. I should take up a hobby. Like hunting mountain goats. You know how they're up on the mountainside, and you have to take a rifle with you while you climb the mountain? Dragging the carcass back is even worse, trying to get that thing down the mountainside. I bet I'd become super forgetful if I started doing that.

Etc. It's playful banter. Just play. Don't take it too seriously.