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Hey Chase,

"You have a perfect, scripted answer for every question"

That's funny, because I'm asking about that. So I'm guessing sometimes we need to act stunned or act surprised even though I'm sure from experience, we will naturally see it all so to speak.

Re: When she negs you in a outright rude way / in front of an audience
Now I know the usual way is bored look or skeptical look.
But wit is a good way to pass tests, not to mention have some flirting going on.

Sometimes she's outright rude and there's no playfulness in her answer...then it does not deserve much playfulness in return. A bored look or skeptical look, great. Conversely, playfulness does work for everything in a social situation.

Straight up rude such as
"You're X"
and x can be ugly or whimp, or any rude adjective. There's no playful attempt here or wit, just outright rude.

What would be a good witty playful reply to things like these?

And how would you reply differently if she said this in a group? Nonverbals don't work well when you have an audience, so we have to throw our wit into this and throw her under the bus because it's a social attack.

Re: What if a girl says something that undermines your masculinity?
You had an article about undermining other men who's getting a little too threatening whether in social groups or such. But when your own girl says something like this, bored look. I guess there's not much witty answers for these.

Apart from "5 ways to answer challenges from her", ignore it and throw a look.

Re: When she negs in a tongue in cheek way
So she's joking, let's play along!

You: [You recall something that happened last time with you and her]
Her: You have a good memory
You: Thanks
Her: They say people have good memory because they have little going on in their lives ;)

Looks like it's uncalled for? Yup, she's negging.
But she's doing it with a mischievous smile, and it's not in front of an audience, so aside from nonverbal response, what can be a good witty reply you would say? It'll be fun to come up with witty replies :).
Since I seem to be slow in coming up with these on the spot, not sure if there are tips on improving that, might as well think ahead of time.

Me: They also say healthy people only remember happy events. Guess I wouldn't mind only remembering the happy things (this is true btw, and "happy things" referring to memories with her you recalled earlier, it's somewhat a compliment to her...wait maybe that's bad)

There was a scenario I thought of with almost no witty reply I could think of...
I'll get back to you on that.

Thanks Chase,