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Hey Varoon,

sorry for digging out this old post, but how exaclty can you deny sleeping with other girls while also telling her you cannot sexually commit to only one girl? Seems contradictory to me. I had exactly this happen recently. A girl I wanted to date longer without being exclusive asked me if I had been sleeping with other girls and I just kept jokingly evading it. But she kept pestering and after some point after several glasses of wine I admitted it. Not sure if it was good or not. This girl was really looking for commitment and ended it shortly after this incident, but I don't think it was only because I slept with another girl. She was really looking for sth serious.
It certainly didn't help my attainabilty to admit it though. But on the other hand if I tell a girl that I can't be sexually exclusive, she will strongly suspect the reason why. Seems like a catch-22 for me.

Would be great if you could elaborate more on this!