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How to Get Bad Bitches (Video)


Every guy wants a beautiful, hot, sexy girl.

But personality interests differ. Some guys like nice girls. Other guys like girls with a bit more... attitude.

This video is for guys who want a girl with attitude. The girl most guys call a bitch? Yeah, for you, she's a snack.

And I'll teach you how to see her that way and how to get her. Deep down, she's really a nice girl. You just gotta get past the bitch shield first.


Hector CastilloAbout the Author: Hector Castillo

Hector Castillo is the web’s top expert on getting laid in college. In his small town university, he went from World of Warcraft nerd to president of his fraternity in 4 years... And on the way, he bedded close to 50 women. To follow his life up close, follow his Instagram here. His book King of College is due out soon. Listen to the 40-minute interview with Hector on his story and some of his prized tech... and sign up for a 12-week coaching course with him, here: