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What do you do if you wanna be a player, but you don't have the tough skin to handle rejection? I've applied some of the advice on this site, but I have such a defeatist attitude about approaching women that I don't wanna do it anymore. I would settle down, but I know I'm only doing cuz I gave up and I fear that I will resent her for it and would cheat if given the opportunity cuz I wanna be he bad boy but never had the balls to be...maybe it's cuz of my dad's more traditional upbringing, but that crap has never benefited me in the pussy department and I'm just seen as a harmless nice guy despite women saying I have a cute face. How do I reconcile, my desire to be a Fuck boy with my fear of going against my programming from childhood? P.S. I'm late 20s that grew up in a upper middle class neighborhood with both parents, but had friends and family memebers all of whom were more sexually successful than me (I've had 1 GF I never fucked, slept with 4 girls)