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It is good that this post ends open ended for each man to decide how he wants to live his own life, and fortunately unlike a few hundred years ago most of us live in free enough societies to do so. Players (for using a general term for simplicity for men who want to meet multiple women for sexual relations) are not criminal, do not seek to harm anyone, and benefit culture by bringing happiness, pleasure, fun, good times and good feelings, enjoyment, relief, relaxation, enthusiasm, excitement, positive uplifting energy, connection, hope, gratitude, and are an example to repressive sex-negative cultures of living responsible sex-positive sexual freedom. Players prove that similar to the four minute mile a sex-positive culture is possible. It is possible to enjoy being what others in weak attempts to try to shame and to try to control the bodies of other people label as so-called negative terms "promiscuous/slut/player" and still contribute to society (maybe even making more/better contributions than the sexually repressive people).
Not to be anti-conservative or anti-liberal, only to discuss some topics. Historically for thousands of years the majority of men were in the military (that in many instances was a form of slavery that largely benefited the elite while millions of men were killed in battles). The concept of marriage was invented around 5000 years ago in Sumeria/Mesopotamia (Iraq) before any of the current religions were invented and the purpose was to distribute tasks. Marriage especially in ancient Greece and Rome was for the guys not killed in battles to have a few replacement citizens (taxpayers)/military (soldiers) for the good of the State (society, especially the Emperors) not necessarily for the good of the individual (themselves, in the few years they had left to live). Historically most marriages were arranged, and even until the 1800's AD many people married distant cousins. For as much as even I think that most of the current 2018 U.S. to be very conservative, the 1600's Colonies, ancient Rome, ancient Greece, and ancient Egypt were all much more conservative than the current 2018 U.S. (where even the current 2018 U.S. would be very Liberal by comparison) and yet this current 2018 "very Liberal by comparison" U.S. could wipe all of those ancient very conservative cultures off the map in one day.
Much of the current conservative culture has it's basis in the ancient Roman Empire (especially in the 300's AD). Augustine of Hippo (an agent of the Roman Empire, had frequent pre-marital sex, had a child while not married, had a mistress, and read Genesis wrong as it originally was not about the made-up myth of so-called original sin). Constantine I called the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD and then in 326 AD had his wife Fausta and son Crispus murdered. In 380 AD Theodosius I made Christianity the state religion and had over 7,000 plus innocent people killed, and "contributed" to the fall of the Roman Empire by funneling money into the church and away from the military.
It was the Enlightenment era (more Freedom, more liberal) that lead to the revolutions away from the control of the Roman Empire Created Church to form governments not controlled by the church thus establishing enough of an environment of freedom (information, sexual, personal) that gave rise like a morning star to more free (more liberal) societies that eventually created sanitation systems that doubled human life expectancy/electricity/antibiotics/the internet/etc. Even in the extremely conservative societies of the 1600's most of the people on this site would have been punished and would not have the basic freedoms to write/read articles like this, so there is gratefulness to the men of the past who stood up for more freedom.
It seems that conservative is NOT about being independent, and it is more about control. It seems that conservative is dependent on politics/church/marriage/madonna-whore complex/patriarchy that wants marriage and traditional gender roles and being a wage-slave provider (beta things)/a mommy-wife to cook and clean for him/being controlling/trying to control the sex lives of everyone else/weak/sexually repressive/and complaining.
It seems that liberal is more about being independent, living your own life, freedom, being happy, being a lover/player not a beta provider, being a relaxed alpha male, being a stud, strong, enjoyment, pleasure, sexual freedom, creating and using technology, and not complaining. Responsible "promiscuity"/non-monogamy does not create chaos. It is a Limiting Belief to think that "promiscuity/slut/player/non-monogamy" is not possible. Most humans change very slow (conservative minded people did not want sliced bread to begin with). However, the Secret Society "of so-called sluts and players" being very discreet in private is necessary because it is still a majority conservative sex-negative society.
It is not sexuality that leads to the so-called "destruction of societies," it is military decline or economic debt (corrupt politicians) that to cover-up their economic crimes/incompetence blame sexuality as the scapegoat (so they might as well blame golf). Saying silly things such as, "Casual pick-up basketball and promiscuous exercise are wrong, and you can only exercise when you are married," don't make any sense either.
When "Game" began I too thought that more guys simply wanted to learn how to get laid, and I thought more guys did not want to get married for a variety of reasons, however, one of the most surprising things I learned over the years from "Game" is that the huge majority of guys don't want to really get laid very much, are more into conservative politics, and they actually want to get married. The PUA trend only lasted a few years and is basically done. The trend of complaining, politics, anger, hate, hating on women, arrogance, sexuality shaming, trying to control the bodies of other people, fear, insecurities, and marriage is going to continue for at least the next few years. Almost every show and commercial propaganda now is about marriage/being a father and mother (and oddly people don't find that to be offensive/harassment/controlling). Around 99% of women are sex-positive, and around 95% of guys are sex-negative/beta, so there probably is not going to be much more of a sex-positive society for hundreds of years. Similar to the invention of contraception in the 1930's and 1960's, someday there likely will be further technological inventions in medicine and contraception that no matter what any conservatives/religions (that will have decreased by then) say will result in the creation of a more sex-positive society (that will make today's labeled and shamed "sluts/players" look conservative).
Another trend is the "beta celebrity of the month" type social conditioning/brainwashing/propaganda (as if beta guys who are the majority need any more beta-bro cotton candy that they eat up) where guys with a conservative deceptive agenda list ways to be a beta provider. It's like the quote, "One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived." In the 300's AD Probus betrayed the citizens and funneled taxpayer money into his pockets, then backed politician turned bishop Ambrose who pressured Theodosius I, and Probus married into the Anicia family who had a role in creating the church (as double taxation). It's scary when a beta phony celebrity guy who does not look happy/is someone who would stab you in the back/is a depressed downer/is anti-pickup/is extremely controlling and tells you how you have to live your life when that is not how you want to live your own life is made popular by other beta guys . Most of those beta-bros promote religion, but don't explain many details. The Sumerian/Mesopotamian religion Anunnaki story of Enki/Ea with NinTi the "Lady of the RIB" as the basis for "Eve" (Hawwah) with "Adam" (Ha Adam/the man) and the rib. The original Mesopotamian stories (and also even later in Hebrew Genesis to begin with) was not about the made-up myth of "original sin," as it was simply to explain why humans had knowledge but not immortality. In Hebrew Genesis nahash was not "Ha Satan/the enemy who for the Hebrew Old Testament were human enemies." The modern English word "God" (that became used more in the 600's AD) had roots in Germanic/Goth "Gud" (to pour a libation/to invoke) and was a concept not a name, Lombardic Wodan/Godan (for the Norse Odin) shortened to God, that earlier in Latin was Deus (Jupiter, Sun), from Greek Theos (supreme), from earlier Hebrew ELM (Elohim, the plural of El, for deities/Gods), from the earlier Anunnaki (Mesopotamian religion) especially Enki (later Ea) who would have been the nahash in Genesis who wanted to help humans and wanted humans to have knowledge/Tree of Knowledge, but his brother deity Enlil (the other voice in the Genesis story) did not because then humans would be like gods and he wanted humans to remain slaves growing food for the Gods/them. That's similar to how the Egyptian Pharaoh who had the pyramid of Giza built for his immortality told the workers/slaves that he was a deity and they worked to build the pyramid for food. The name Jesus (as there was no letter J used in modern English until the 1600's AD) was Iesus in Latin, from the earlier Iesous in the Greek Septuagint (the Greek copy of the original Hebrew Old Testament that made many changes) was finished in Alexandria Egypt by around 135 BC where Ptolemy had been called "the savior" and where the main new made-up deity was Serapis and Iesous was the name of one of the spies for Moses (Hosea, was changed and shortened to Yeshua for Joshua). The ten commandments appear to be based on Egyptian laws. Christ (anointed with oil)/Messiah (anointed with oil) for a priest or king, appears based on the Egyptian anointing crocodile fat upon rulers, and it may go back to Sumeria (Sumeria/Egypt/early Hebrew all appear to use the Anunnaki custom of marrying half-relatives to maintain the nahash/dragon/royal bloodline). Unlike the "original sin" made-up myth, this here is a more correct reading of Genesis to help in being a player to better your culture. Players benefit society and make the world a better place.