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I love the analysis. Superb. One of the biggest jumps in my seduction career was learning how to be, as you say, a cold empath, in moments of reflection, to see how things are, not how I want to see them.

Though, I think a lot of your points agree with what I said in the article - it's not empathy that they lack, it's sympathy. I think that's a pretty accurate definition of "cold empathy." I can see how someone feels but not be burdened by the emotion itself. I see it as an equation that comes to me intuitively, but can't prove (like Srinivasa Ramanujan who claimed to take his insights from God but had trouble with technically proving until his mentor taught him proofs).

As I've progressed with my journey, I have become detached from humanity and feel myself becoming less human everyday. I suspect that one "gift" of enlightenment is complete sociopathy...yet it's slightly different. Almost every enlightened being, even the remote ones, choose to help others. Why? They see the universe as a playground devoid of meaning and they have escaped it ( don't attain complete liberation until the body dies. aka paranibbana). So why do they help others? That seems like the most atlruistic move possible - you feel no sympathy for anyone, yet you still choose the help them. Nothing could be more compassionate.

But I have not yet attained liberation, so this is all supposition.

I think your comment boils down to (if I'm not mistaken).

Sociopaths are not devoid of empathy, but sympathy (at least the high IQ sociopaths).

Sociopathy is not a trade-off, but an advantage. I would not disagree with you, but I seem to perform better, at my age and experience level, than most sociopaths I know. I'm only slightly above average IQ (I think I tested at 114 at age 9). I'm very high EQ, though, something that Gary Vaynerchuk has demonstrated has massive potential. If the high EQ (empathy/sympathy) guy makes himself tough and imbues himself with the ability to turn into a sociopath at any moment, might be able to surpass the natural sociopath. But I might just be trying to confirm my own advantage.

However, your comment is great and I don't disagree with anything in it. Excellent.

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