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Hi Hector

Couple of points on this article. I have some training and experience in this area. While most of your points are excellent, you give some very bad advice. Once you identify a psychopath - a real one - get the hell away. Whatever you think you will gain is never worth the risk.
If they are low-IQ, the risk of a destructive breakdown or poorly-judged theft, social circle damage, etc is very high.
If they are high-IQ you are in mortal peril. Even if not violent, psychopaths are driven by a hidden fear of others.
Not fear, actually terror. This manifests as covertly hostile acts. They literally cannot abstain from them, no matter the incentive they will eventually cause damage. More frequently, there will be a constant stream of minor sabotage or undermining, more noticeable and marked if you are of comparable or greater power or intelligence. Anyone who is better than them is a threat; and it cannot be reasoned with or allied, it must be destroyed.
This is as close to immutable law as you can find in the field of psychotherapy. Don’t mess with with psychos - their bill is always much higher than it seems.