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To an extent, they are correct. But as Chase pointed out in his article on empathy, it’s a trade, not an innate advantage. Psychopaths may be more decisive in morally ambiguous situations, but this can hurt their relationships and friendships, making their long-term decision making less than optimal. Sure, they might screw that hot girl who’s dating his friend, but when the guy finds out, he just lost that social circle and needs to rebuild a new one.

Was the trade-up worth it? Some will argue yes, some no.

I am Dark Tetrad.

First off, I disagree I don't think it's a trade off. For some psychopaths it is, but for high IQ psychopaths it is not. They do have a sensitivity for others walls just that sometimes fuck it. The girl is just that hot, the money was huge. This guy's a chump and doesn't offer much besides me taking it.So fuck the sensitivity, it;s not that they cant'.

Heilbrun analyzed the personality structures of more than 150 criminals and, on the basis of that analysis, differentiated between two very different types of psychopaths: those who had poor impulse control, low IQ, and little empathy (the Henry Lee Lucas type); and those who had better impulse control, high IQ, a sadistic motivation, and heightened empathy (the Ted Bundy or, if you like, Hannibal Lecter type).

Social dominance has been found to correlate with deceptive ability and enhanced ability to decode nonverbal cues. Individuals who are perceived and rated as socially dominant are better at deceiving others, persuading others, and interpreting others’ intentions (Hall, Halberstadt, & O’Brien, 1997; Keating & Heltman, 1994).

Sam Vaknin, an expert and narcissist says: Contrary to widely held views, Narcissists and Psychopaths may actually possess empathy. They may even be hyper-empathic, attuned to the minutest signals emitted by their victims and endowed with a penetrating "X-ray vision". They tend to abuse their empathic skills by employing them exclusively for personal gain, the extraction of narcissistic supply, or in the pursuit of antisocial and sadistic goals. They regard their ability to empathize as another weapon in their arsenal.

I suggest to label the narcissistic psychopath's version of empathy: "cold empathy", akin to the "cold emotions" felt by psychopaths. The cognitive element of empathy is there, but not so its emotional correlate. It is, consequently, a barren, detached, and cerebral kind of intrusive gaze, devoid of compassion and a feeling of affinity with one's fellow humans.

Narcissists and psychopaths also appear to be empathizing with their possessions: objects, pets, and their sources of narcissistic supply or material benefits (often their nearest and dearest, significant others, or friends and associates). But this is not real empathy: it is a mere projection of the narcissists or psychopaths own insecurities and fears, needs and wishes, fantasies and priorities. This kind of displayed empathy usually vanishes the minute its subject ceases to play a role in the narcissists or psychopaths life and his psycho-dynamic processes.