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I could write ten-plus comments on this article (spoken as if I am someone of importance — no, just an excited reader!). You bring up so many amazing points. To this day, I still cannot figure out if I am a deeply clever savant or dumb as a box of rocks and just lucky (to not be on the street). It probably depends on the moment :p

When I first heard the feeding wolves story, my immediate thought was the same as yours: why not both!? Feed only the good one and become toothless?? Screw that…

Inner conflict is part of the human experience in my opinion. To deny this is to lie to oneself (and probably others along the way).

And if you’re wondering, it is my belief that all women are inherently Machiavellian and narcissistic.

This sounds like the basis of Rollo Tomassi's work. I don't know how much credence you give to him, but the Rationale Male, for all it's bitterness, has played a major role in redefining my world view, including my most productive work of late.

P.S. I wish I could buy you a nice dinner, as many drinks as you want, and chat you up about life and women some time (oh, and watch you work your magic on the girls).


She enters your world… not the other way around.
Tweak your way to the top ;)