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No disrespect meant, Chase, but you are not attractive. I think it's objective. Something is off in your nose and face. I do not wish you bad things and I will not call you names, but I find it very hard to believe that you get hit on by transsexuals, because I do not find you attractive AT ALL.  We are not out there to trick men. I want to share my experience.

Regardless, I have no idea why a transsexual would want to sleep with you. I am a transsexual post-op and I started hormone therapy when I was 12. Nobody has ever suspected I was trans. I live deep stealth now. Nobody has ever suspected. Ever. My voice is that of a coloratura soprano, I never talked in falsetto, I had no surgery on my face aside from forehead reconstruction to remove the brow bossing and I am attractive, objectively. I get hit on a ton by guys. I do not tell them anything. If they are there drooling over me, it means they like what they see, and that's all that matters. I owe them no explanation. 

There are waaaaaay more accurate things to check that can tell you if a woman is indeed a transsexual and I am surprised you didn't list them. I am not gonna tell you what they are. The hands thing is pretty stupid. Think about it: if you could spot a transsexual from her hands, all she has to do is move to Alaska, where it snows a lot, and wear gloves. 

A few years ago I was stupid and I believed that honesty is the best policy. That is a load of crap. No matter how nice you are, how intelligent you are, the minute you say that you were born a man, most guys will just want to pump and dump. So, society hates us for something we did not choose. I did not choose to be a transsexual and I am trying to live my life the best I can. Society hates us and the result is that I have become cynical and I get a kick out of sleeping with men who have no idea about my past. The more transphobic they are, the better. Nobody will ever find me out. I have slept with literally hundreds of men (always protected sex), I get wet, my vagina looks perfect, but, if someone is gonna get hurt, that is not gonna be me. I always have guns nearby and I treat men like shit, because this is what they deserve. 

So, I used to be very selfless and nice, but not anymore. Now I think about myself. Sorry, not sorry. My hands are much smaller than all of my sister's hands, I have no adam's apple, my eyes are incredibly feminine and so is my nose. Yes, I retouched my forehead, but, that's pretty much it, aside from the vagina. My boobs are natural (I have almost a D cup), I have shortish arms and long legs and short torso. I am 5'6'' only. 

There are many transsexuals you would never be able to tell that they are indeed transsexuals. I am one of them. And, no, contrary to popular belief, the most attractive ones are not in Thailand. Google the toupeé fallacy "All toupées look fake; I've never seen one that I couldn't tell was fake." That should be self explanatory. 

So, while my situation is not desirable, I did not choose to be born like this and I will do everything in my power to deceive men because that is what they deserve. Years ago I moved and after moving I made sure some of the most transphobic men I slept with knew that I was a man. They deserve this kind of mind games.