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On #11, people tend to post their best pictures online. There will be more tells in real life than what you'll see online in a picture (or even a video).

What are your thoughts on why they would put themselves in harms way by lying? It's not worth their life. All that work you got done on yourself to try to trick someone and have a high chance to get your ass beat Or killed? Just be honest and don't trick anyone.

Same as anyone trying to trick anyone for sex or sex-related items. "If I can make her think I want a long-term relationship, she'll have sex with me." "If I can make him think I want to sleep with him, he'll help my career." Etc.

In trannies' case, sometimes it works: they get fairly good after a while at screening for guys who won't flip out, and might be open to it... then when they get these guys alone, the guy is horny, wants to get laid, and it's - oh, you're a dude? But you look like a girl? ... eh, okay, I'll try it out anyway, who knows.

Just from the stories I've had transsexuals tell me, it seems like there is a not-insignificant number of men willing to think about it like "she is a girl who just happens to have a penis" rather than as "he is a man who is masquerading as a woman."

3. Why do you think this thing is pushed so hard through the media? I feel it's just to fuck things up and make people riot. They're trying to put them in movies, on tv, even trying to give them bathrooms to share with women! What's the point of it all?

It's a symptom of what I talk about in this article:

The highest level is: what population is the easiest one to control? So long as you can keep the populace fighting amongst itself over irrelevant distractions, you can prevent it from fighting with its masters for control.

The intermediate level: media companies are almost entirely staffed with 'true believer' progressives. And progressive ideology centers on always pushing the social boundaries out further. Transsexuals are the most recent vehicle to do that with.

The lowest level: media is driven by views and clicks, and the biggest, best driver of that is outrage. There is little more outrageous than men dressing up as women, and other people telling you there's something wrong with you if you don't like it.

4. Now, on to regular chicks, can you give examples on what to look out for with aggressive forward female? How to you tell if one is genuine ? And the other is malacious? What would they be trying to get from you? What are signs they just want you instead of setting you up?

I feel this really needs an article Chase, honestly, there's so many articles I see with guys getting tricked and hurt or worse because of girls like this. It's always so sad to see.

Remember this article series?:

5. Elbow check: wouldn't a girl take offense if you thought she was a man? Lol she would be mad at you for thinking that she's manly enough for the elbow test. So how do you play it off without it looking like you couldn't tell what she was?

And how often would you do this with girls in every outing? Because you did say if you feel it's a dude, better be safe than sorry. So I'm guessing the girls you did the elbow test to looked like they could be a he, if not then how could we know what kind of girls to do it to? Instead of doing it to all of the girls that we meet?

I've never had a girl get angry about this. Just interested.

You just don't tell her "I'm checking to see if you're a man or not." Instead you just say "Interesting. See that? See how your elbow bends up? Women's elbows do that. Men's do not. Here, I'll show you with my own." Or if you have a friend there you have your friend hold out his arm. Can do the same thing with the other tests.

People love learning quirky new things about human anatomy they didn't formerly know. When you can show a girl this, she'll be interested, not insulted!