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Two great extra points here for sure.

Just gotta watch out for the ones with the softer skin (like the one who put my hand on his midriff)... not sure if that's moisturizer or what they're doing to get it so silky, but that one could easily pass for female skin, at least on a quick brush. Maybe if you grabbed a fistful of it it'd be thicker though.

The different personalities is for sure a dead giveaway once you're picking up on it. You typically need a few experiences around transsexuals for this to start to stand out to you (and have it be more than just a "Hmm, something feels weird/different here, but I can't quite put my finger on what" type of thing), but once you have it it's very obvious. It is that "male personality" signal - even when women have more aggressive personalities, they still are different from what a transsexual's is. And even when you run into the softer/more passive transsexuals, they still have personalities that are more 'ersatz female' than anything else - it stands out once you've been exposed to it enough.