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It's funny because I was gonna ask you how can you tell if she is a she, but I'm lucky to say I can tell.

1.That one on number 11 looks like a fuckin girl. If he didn't have big tits how could you tell that was a guy?

2. I gotta be honest, those who lie deserve to get their ass beat. Idc if it sounds wrong, but they go out they're way to trick men. I feel that that is terrible, they are tryna ruin guys lives with this trickery.

I feel they all have a mental illness, they are fucked up in the head. What are your thoughts on why they would put themselves in harms way by lying? It's not worth their life. All that work you got done on yourself to try to trick someone and have a high chance to get your ass beat Or killed? Just be honest and don't trick anyone.

I don't hate them as a whole, but the ones who try to trick unsuspecting innocent men are filth.

3. Why do you think this thing is pushed so hard through the media? I feel it's just to fuck things up and make people riot. They're trying to put them in movies, on tv, even trying to give them bathrooms to share with women! What's the point of it all?

4. Now, on to regular chicks, can you give examples on what to look out for with aggressive forward female? How to you tell if one is genuine ? And the other is malacious? What would they be trying to get from you? What are signs they just want you instead of setting you up?

I feel this really needs an article Chase, honestly, there's so many articles I see with guys getting tricked and hurt or worse because of girls like this. It's always so sad to see.

5. Elbow check: wouldn't a girl take offense if you thought she was a man? Lol she would be mad at you for thinking that she's manly enough for the elbow test. So how do you play it off without it looking like you couldn't tell what she was?

And how often would you do this with girls in every outing? Because you did say if you feel it's a dude, better be safe than sorry. So I'm guessing the girls you did the elbow test to looked like they could be a he, if not then how could we know what kind of girls to do it to? Instead of doing it to all of the girls that we meet?

6. What are some smooth ways to do the elbow check with chicks? Especially the handbag one? Could you give an example on both elbow check compliance requests?

P.s. also chase you should add that they wear collars to hide their adams apple!