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I am someone with 130+ IQ, tall, imposing and dominant, so I can speak from both perspectives.

1. Dumb people have fun and are easily entertained, just watch them, they piss their money on shots, scream at each other, sing like crap, have hangovers, puke etc. All of these things are dumb activities that add little value to your life. BUT dumb people have fun doing it. Since dumb guys have high mood and energy it is much easier to stumble into sex. And make friends with other dumb people.

2. Smart guys get bored easier, they can't just sit at a mediocre restaurant table and have fun. They can't have dumb mundane conversations with others. When out with groups, they are much more likely to get bored.

3. Social circle leaders are almost never the geniuses, because they need to enjoy mundane activities (like midnight pizza parlor, or pointless pop culture trivia). Also they need to do things that are objectively dumb, like alcohol, drugs or wasting tons of money. 

4. Most of the high-iq guys I know exclusively do day/online game. 

5. There is an extreme correlation with introversion and intelligence.