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I love this article

I have 130+IQ, 6'0", beard, very masculine features, and very dominant/confident.

Dumber guys are far easier to entertain, so they can just "enjoy the party" when they are out. Which greatly increases their state/energy/mood, and they can drunkenly stumble into women.

High IQ guys usually can't just "enjoy the moment" when out, they will get bored if they just take shots and scream at each other, and in my experience run day-game/online almost exclusively.

And I find extrovert social leader types are usually not the super geniuses, because being too smart makes it much harder for you to enjoy mundane/boring activities.

High intelligent people are usually introverts

Although I appreciate my cunning, my intelligence (when combined with physical dominance) is terrible for attainability. I am attempting to work on that.