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Intelligent women may prefer a hot dumb men over an inept intelligent men. They may choose the hot dumb men for one-night stands, given the choice. But the guys they lay awake at night dreaming about are hot intelligent men. Men who express all the qualities listed in this article, but do so intelligently. They let these qualities accent their intelligence, rather than being an alternative to it.

I know this because I am one of these men. And I attract intelligent women. They are looking for me. We have things that hot dumb men simply don't have and that intelligent women crave. We have success and direction. We can stimulate them, mentally and emotionally. We can understand them on the deepest level. And when we make a claim, we generally know what the fuck we are talking about.

The lack of these qualities in dumb men, no matter how hot, drive these women crazy and completely turn them off. In the words of intelligent attractive women, "He was very attractive... until he opened his mouth."

And the feeling is mutual. I really can't form a relationship with women I can't connect to intellectually and emotionally. I honestly have trouble even getting it up for them. It's called sapiosexuality. And it is very real.