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Speaking of guys in school who neither hung out with the 'cool' crowd of athletic people nor achieved stellar grades either, where might they fit in in all this? Robert Kiyosaki put himself in this category.

Upon landing my first girlfriend four years ago after a few months getting started with GC material, we would regularly watch TBBT and New Girl. I looked forward to watching both with her every time… (yeah, uh-oh… that ended three years ago). Funny thing is, I always envied the nerds' intelligence! I also envied the 'dumb' guy's physique. It felt pathetic… no brains nor brawn. Dumb and weak. This is an overwhelmingly pessimistic thought, so what does one do?

Kiyosaki is critical of our school system because, setting aside sports (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence), school primarily emphasizes verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence. Many people who are not strong in either of those two areas (yet possibly strong in others) end up leaving school feeling stupid. For example, to have a body like his, the 'dumb' guy likely possesses a high degree of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, something I only began to tap into three years ago with weight-lifting (inspired by your articles, Hector) only to discover a dormant power.

Then there is interpersonal and intrapersonal (EQ?) intelligence, the later being perhaps my strongest suit. Both of these seem top of the list for learning to be good with women.

And what about intuition vs. logic? Many people function far better relying on the former than the later.

I only bring all this up as food for thought. What exactly qualifies a smart/intelligent person? You, Hector, may run circles around people in conversation, yet for all you know, from their point of you completely misunderstand something critical about them, causing them to reign in their words.

Strange as this may sound, I have always thought I was just not smart enough to bed women. It's comforting to feel otherwise, thanks to this article. Cheers!

Carpe diem,


P.S. I couldn't help but notice that even the 'dumb' guy submitted to Penny's frame by the end of the clip when she ordered him to put Leonard back down and he grudgingly complied. Yikes…

She enters your world… not the other way around.
Tweak your way to the top ;)