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I've read this post, it was a long read where I needed to focus because you were writing on some complex topics there. Anyway, Im someone who used to approach your material with a grain of salt, I was always more skeptical; however, I realized and felt that I really do identified with some of the concepts you are writing here. They are things that show us the true nature of the world we are living in; not theory-work, not idealisms sketched and planned on paper. I understand as I age and mature that there are hard facts in our reality, and there are some idealistic, wishful-thinking that can be manufactured on paper.
More often than not in the age that we live in, some people would rather buy into these more...soft, politically correct, and seemingly harmless, neutered, overly sensitive kind of thinking and ideas. But time, history and actual, re-demonstrable hard research has shown over and over again that men, women, and people in general have a some base characteristics that will never change. Its just the way we came to be and always will be. I think coming to terms with these realities of life are very hard for some people; I know it because I was like those people, maybe I am still on some issues regarding these social matters. But reality and our world and our species are what they are. I understand and expect that you get attacked for putting these truths on the table, because sometimes truth is ugly. But at least its plain. All in all, I feel like I am more closer to the natural, masculine way that nature intended men to be, after reading a very big portion of your writings.
Thanks for all these. Peace !
P.S. : I want to point something out, even though you are probably aware of it. The analysis, analogies and concepts you are discussing and employing are highly complex matters that need a certain intelligence and wit to grasp. As the average person occupies a very modest amount of awareness, you might come across as oppressive, sexist, anti-woman, conservative (with negative connotations), or plain bigoted to some of the people that read your writing. If you care, maybe you could simplify your language and concept- explanations here to help them. Thank you again for eye opening writing.