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I would say most reformers have a cause but arent necessarily rude. Many communist and progressive reformers werent necessarily rude. Teddy Roosevelt reformed economic collusion by busting trusts, Lenin was a revolutionary and wasnt known for being rude as far as Im concerned. Even Hitler wasnt rude. Whether he was left or right is kinda difficult to determine and depends on what political angle youre coming from, but he did fit the role of reformer when he came into power. All of them made what you would define as reform. I think making reform really has more to do with having a populist appeal.

Yeah on Trump I guess thats true, its still something that sticks out and bothers me, but im just baffled as to how his policies could be as galvanizing as to overshadow his behavior. To me his policy really isn't anything new.

Additionally, what news sources would you recommend? what do you look at ? Ive been into looking at Reuters lately.

Again Im not backing you into any corner, its just that by going bigger frame like this, it seems to me youre dismissing them as irrelevant and therefore of equal equivalency. Thats something I cant really see.
Aziz Ansari serves as a pertinent example. To put him in the same category as Weinstein is nonsense. Aziz didnt assault the woman. Another great example of women thinking feminism is "curing" men of their nature, when in reality its another case of boys will be boys. Might be a cool addendum for discussion or an article. But to me he and Weinstein are of two completely different planes of morality, but are still both powerful men in Hollywood advocating trendy feminist ideals distracting from their base, male desires.

Didnt mean to mangle your words. I was looking at it from the lens of a work environment and value to the company. Youre thinking about it from a personal male egocentric quid pro quo.

Well I wouldnt say from a 21st century feminist point of view. Thats a bit conservative to say. Im looking at it from an equality point of view. Most modern countries and countries where women make up the work force view it this way. Women evaluated based on their ability and not relegated to just sex. Im not judging the people who play "the game" either. As long as its consensual I dont have a problem with it.
Im saying in American culture thats why its not viewed as fair because the "trade" isnt as similar in terms of what is being traded. (women sleeping their way to the top included)

But absolutely love to talk about cause and effect behavior. I was just bringing up a point about fairness in terms of assuming two unlike things under the same umbrella.