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Well not quite, for politicians more-so though because being a politician carries much more direct responsibility to the public than just being an entertainment celebrity. I care about evaluating people in terms of their ability to do the job. As I would for actresses or actors. Do I think sexual harassment should disqualify both of them? yes. I never said your statement about Hollywood. Public appearance is for SURE everything in show biz. And morals and beliefs aren't nearly as important as behavior. Being racist in belief alone isn't as bad as genocide in terms of morality.
No inconsistency imo. Perhaps I made myself unclear

On Trump, I was approaching it more from the lens of his egocentric/-tistical babble, and his immature behavior. cult of personality wasnt the right term to use because that has implications of government support. But citing people who were equally or more inappropriate doesn't justify his behavior. Comments aimed at Rosie O'Donnell, Mexicans, Jews doing taxes, … now Im no priss, but these are all irrelevant comments to politics, in addition to being insensitive and offensive. I would never advocate being so inoffensive as to obscure the truth, but this is far from that. if this is some sort of campaign tactic, what is the appeal ?
And what do you define as reform ?

As for the mocking reporter, the reporter was disabled according to CNN. Its not a lie. as far as theyre concerned.

Again on appearance, youre deviating from the topic. making a good public appearance is making a good public appearance regardless of your personal beliefs/actions etc.
Judging villainy is a separate issue, and would come down to their actions behind the scenes and the consequences of their political schemes, depending on whether youre looking at their personal life or political career.
In a similar metaphor, girls don't necessarily seek guys who are evil, cruel people, it's just selfish, sociopathic guys flip women's switches when it comes to signaling stronger genes.

On shoulds and shouldnts, fair enough haha, but male sexuality and power can absolutely be separated. A good test is if the woman complies willingly, whether by game or fame, no other considerations. As long as there isnt deception, its all fair game in terms or fairness. Your site shows men how to use power properly!
Men will try to trade anything, but that doesn't mean theyre all of equal moral equivalency. trading a career for sex is different than trading a romantic relationship for sex. the latter is at least much more similar in terms of what theyre looking for. Which is why society would say "things just didnt work out between them" instead of "It was exploitation/harassment" (feminazis aside).

Sex isn't victimization. As long as its mutually consensual. But this is hardly a scenario where it's consent without other implications and factors and/or incentives. It is victimization in a work environment, because she wants to be an actress for narrative films, not a personal sex slave. (not counting cases where women offer it upfront). She's not being evaluated for the job she seeks. I proposed we just don't allow producers alone with actresses for a work interaction. That would still allow for progress in film. Harvey still had an attractive wife. He would still be doing fine in life without harassing women.

And no, women serve more than reproductive value to men. Many women have distinguished themselves in terms of achievement. That may have been true 3000 years ago, and in more traditional societies, but in a modern day society with technology, that kind of thinking is reductive on a large (non-dating, personal) scale, unless we devolve in terms of societal structure, and are plunged into some post-apocalyptic sort of dark age. Im no feminist, but by your logic, most women would be unemployable, and men would never have female friends.
And if we can constrain guys to not murder other people, whats stopping us from sexual harassment? Behavior is a spectrum.
"wanting something he has.." thats fine for personal transactional interactions, but not for a public work environment.

Now we can both agree that in life bad shit happens, things dont work the way youd wish, and life isnt fair, Im just spit balling and talking in principle here.