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Few things here.
Im not getting sucked into anything. Im objectively looking at Trumps public behavior and its obvious to see. I honestly dont have a problem with his politics as much as the guy himself. Hes incredibly classless in his public behavior. Tell me Chase, do you really consider Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Trump equivalent in terms of public behavior? Look at their speeches to their followers. Tell me did Clinton and Obama make fun of disabled people ever, let alone in public? Come on. Now I dont really give a shit what kind of person any of these guys are in their personal lives, they could all be dickholes, but Trump is by far a classless act (publicly) in comparison to the other three, even with the Lewinsky scandal and Bush's slim grasp of grammar.
"Sex is one of the motivations" thats kinda the point and the problem… it shouldnt be wrapped up in this. Casting actors should be casting actors, not soliciting sexual partners for powerful producers. So having producers meeting them one on one privately is the obvious problem.
On power exchange yes, youre correct, but youre making false equivalency. Harvey Weinstein meeting women on the street, being transparent about wanting sex from them is far different from sexually harassing and exploiting vulnerable potential clients hoping for a big break in their careers. trading sex for money & fame =/= trading sex for sex. Now I understand women will definitely initiate and/or willingly comply with quid pro quo, but its not fair to call it equivalent unless they would engage sexually career implications aside. Harvey even threatened and tracked them in multiple cases. Thats abuse. Imagine if I put a gun to your childs head and said "have sex with me or else," or threatened to evict you, would you really call that equivalent to me chatting you up on the street as a stranger? … obviously thats extreme, and theres a spectrum of severity, but if theres implications, its not fair to, in principle, call it a clean, voluntary choice.
Yes women desire powerful men, and chase them. But was that really the case here? Using power to get sex transparently is different than additionally putting someone's career aspirations in a vice grip and giving them a "choice." As you mention, I also didnt hear women constantly singing the praises of Harvey as an attractive, eligible bachelor, dreamboat with a silver tongue…