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Ah, don't get sucked in by "cult of personality" mumbo jumbo. Pundits use that to dismiss politicians they don't like. Bill Clinton was a cult of personality, Barack Obama was a cult of personality, Donald Trump is a cult of personality. (I don't recall anyone calling George W. Bush a cult of personality though... not quite charming enough for it, I suppose)

The charge both dismisses as irrelevant the politician's issues, and dismisses as gullible rubes his voters. As emotionally gratifying as it can be to dismiss those who do not share your politics as suckers, it does not get you a clear picture of the world.

Re: people/chaperones in the room with the producers, well, the reason they don't have that is because sex is one of the motivations. Take a man off the street, hand him a huge movie budget, and tell him, "Okay buddy. We need you to hire a couple of actresses to star in this thing," and what's the first thing he'll think? I bet I can use this to get laid!

You don't need the producer involved in big production casting at all. That's why they have casting directors. The producer gets involved because he wants to sample the goods.

You could try to legislate chaperones, or outlaw producer-actress interactions. But there are always loopholes, and people don't generally like nanny-like legislation.

goading someone into doing something where theyre coming from a place of less power and fewer options isnt ethical. Its taking advantage of someone.

Well, perhaps. But something to think about...

Humans are a hierarchical species. And in hierarchical species, no one is ever of the same exact rank as someone else. Someone is always higher in power, and someone is lower in power. Men, horny creatures they are, use power to gain sex. Women on the other hand typically use power to avoid sex.

All sexual relationships are power transactions. This is one of the key principles deep feminism attacks, and one of the reasons devoted feminists recommend women only date women and never men. Of course, introspective such feminists eventually realize even in female-female relationships, power dynamics enter in too.

Imagine for a minute we outlawed using power to get sex. Any use of power to get sex was illegal, punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

But there are many forms of power. Economic power is just one of them.

Now imagine you went on a date with a girl. How would you get her in bed? Would you offer her a long-term relationship? Of course not. Because that is something she wants from you, and something you have the power to give her or not give her. And if you offer that in exchange for sex, if she so chooses, she can have you jailed.

Would you show her an excellent time? Certainly not. Because what if she wants to have an excellent time with you, but does NOT want to have sex? Is having sex with you the only way to get an excellent time with you? You are exerting power over her, and subject to arrest and incarceration.

It might be the case that society wants to draw up rules that govern specific sorts of power men are allowed to wield to get sex, and other sorts they are not. So perhaps job offers become illegal to offer in exchange for sex. Or immoral.

Each society will have to figure out its own rules and morals on that, however. And we can expect these will differ from one society to the next.

Im amazed how many women are so naive and unperceptive when it comes to guys making moves on them (inviting them to more intimate locations etc). How do they not assume guys for the most part talk to them to get in their pants ? Aside from moving abroad like you said, it just motivates me to be that much more sexual up front to prevent these kinds of potentially legally dangerous miscommunications ahead of time.

American culture is weird.

I'm not totally sure what the source of it is, but there is a much larger percentage of the population in America whose first cry after anything bad happens is "I'm a victim!" You do not see this to anywhere near that extent throughout most of the rest of the world. Americans are sort of big babies in this regard.

Americans in general do less to protect themselves and are less guarded than most people. They get themselves into situations they don't want to be in and feel either guilty or victimized about it later. Maybe it's overprotective parenting to blame? Certainly is plenty of that in the U.S.

Yes, the general good advice with Americans is to just be very overt and clear about everything if you want to be safe. Make sure she knows what she's getting into. And stay away from drunk girls.

So what I say is women tell men to help protect other women and be on the lookout for it. The mindset of do whatever you can, every woman is someones sister, daughter brother etc. That way you help foster more masculine men of character without alienating them in a sexist fashion.

Agreed. If your goal is to win more men over to a feminist worldview, appealing to masculine protective instincts is a much more persuasive way to do it.