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the other day I was in a pub where I was talking in a casual and relaxed way to three women I knew. There werent many other women there but more men. I could literally feel and see their envy. Later in the evening a saw one man holding one of "my" women at her arm talking to her in a needy way (as seen in his body language and facial expressions) when she passed by him. An other men did the same with another woman. I really really cringed. Later the women complained how horrible these men behaved. Interesting enough is that I was touched by the women all the time and I touched them , not necessarily in a sexual way (ok with one woman) but more in comfortable and relaxed way (Yeah I know reaction versus results).
But the moral of this story...... at least for me:
It isn't the thing what one is doing but who does it an how. Teach men getting better with women...... and when we have reached this (at least to a certain point) a lot of problems between men and women are gone with the wind :-)