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Interesting take on the "hiding" of feminist values. I am probably biased, as I work in professional field that is increasingly shifting towards women, who I believe would dominate it entirely if they didn't opt for more balanced lives. I see the increasing value put on managing relationships and social interaction. Robots and tech can't replace those elements, but they can replace almost everything else. Anyways, in these circles 3rd wave feminism is alive and kicking, and these folks occupy dominant positions in society (read: they influence the propaganda mill). Then again, as Trump and Brexit show, the upper classes are just completely out of touch.

Re: climate. There will not be a good model that yields predictions that are accurate - the systems are just too complex - no matter the quality of the data. For me, the notion of worrying about CO2 levels and raw temp increases are just not even worth looking at anymore. I prefer to look at the tangibles and to listen to the communities feeling the brunt. The arctic is in shambles, coastal communities are getting worked over by once in a generation storms every few years.

Its funny, I was at a talk the other night given by a UN dignitary who was previously an influential CEO in the private sector. Countries have begun to realize the inevitable destruction of significant chunks of their territory due to sea level rise. These issues were originally expected to take place at the end of the century, but their hands are being forced to face them in the next 20 years. The dignitary stated he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen the movement on these issues. I take things much more seriously when I see big money getting involved in politically worthless (in terms of votes/ROI) issues.

As far as the geological record is concerned, I have a background in evolutionary biology, and it always seemed pretty clear to me. Rapid change inevitably leads to mass extinction. Mass extinction leads to loss of diversity. And we know now that lower diversity allows disease to rip through populations more quickly. We're playin with fire here! These things may give back some clout to the only thing men have an enormous edge in, physical labor.