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Yeah I dont care about PC of it, but Trump still strikes me as too much of a personality cult egomaniac to really know what he's doing. Lot of posturing and not much depthful insight as far as I see it. Yeah I would totally agree its human nature. There's no denying the biological essentialism in that. One proposal: Why don't they just have other people in the room with producers? Maybe there would be bystander effect to some degree, but the big problem I see with this is that they're alone and it's their word against super powerful mega producer guy. If this were in public it would be much better at least. (another thing I wondered is why women go visit these men alone instead of suggesting another PUBLIC location, but that gets into the whole victim blaming thing too)
I dont know how much Ben Shapiro youve looked at, but he surprisingly (to me) he argues that transactional sex where theres an power differential isnt really full unadulterated consent. The predatory kind that is. Harvey kind. You can be a sleaze, sure fine, whatever, but goading someone into doing something where theyre coming from a place of less power and fewer options isnt ethical. Its taking advantage of someone. I agree that it can definitely be a gray area, especially with women being attracted to power etc... and its a shame being sexual is conflated with predation, because there is a huge difference. Louis CK for example strikes me as more he struck out than coerced a woman. But I would say most women arent out to character assassinate men. Mostly this does come from a good place.
Im amazed how many women are so naive and unperceptive when it comes to guys making moves on them (inviting them to more intimate locations etc). How do they not assume guys for the most part talk to them to get in their pants ? Aside from moving abroad like you said, it just motivates me to be that much more sexual up front to prevent these kinds of potentially legally dangerous miscommunications ahead of time.
As for feminist outcries, what I proposed is that women need to include men instead of shame them. If you wanna win people over, you need to have a cause. And on the earlier topic I think that lost Hillary MAJOR points too, as vapid and wistful (and statistically questionable) as "Make America Great Again" is, its FAR more emotionally intelligent and effective. So what I say is women tell men to help protect other women and be on the lookout for it. The mindset of do whatever you can, every woman is someones sister, daughter brother etc. That way you help foster more masculine men of character without alienating them in a sexist fashion.