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Glad you liked the article!

Hmm, perhaps slightly libertarian. Although I think it might be more accurate to say "Chase leans libertarian when he does not agree with the policies of the ruling class." If the ruling class's policies were inline with my personal positions, I'd obviously lean less libertarian. And in general I find libertarians a little too close to hippies.

Noted on your thoughts. My read is a general/vocal sentiment against third wave feminist positions, which we never had before. And also a sea change in women vocally abandoning support for the feminist movement, even if they still support some of it in practice ("Well, I'm not a feminist, but..."). When you see people hiding their views, it is either at the dawn of the movement when the movement is still unacceptable (i.e., the "shy Trump supporters" phenomenon of the 2016 presidential campaign), or at the twilight of the movement. Which is not to say third wave feminism might bounce back - it may - but my read is enough distaste for what the movement has become among even previously supporting groups, plus a general lack of real drive for its supporters to continue (few issues remain in which feminists have much ground to make gains in).

As for climate change, once the GHCN returns to distributing raw polling station data instead of dramatically adjusted data to the myriad scientists researching the phenomenon, explanations for why carbon release and sequestration trails warming/cooling in the geological record are made (in context of AGW), and a reliable climate model that makes accurate predictions is created, I'll be on board! Until then, I will refrain from getting too excited... as I equally refrained with Y2K, H1N1, SARS, and killer bees ;)