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Eh. I am not "conservative"... if you must label me, I guess "Plutarchian Confucian" might be as good a label as any. I was the biggest Obama fan in the world from when I read Audacity of Hope in 2006 until about a year into his presidency. The reason I was a huge Obama fan was the same reason I became a Trump fan later: both men were going to take on the system and clean it up. Unfortunately, the system flipped Obama (although he still resisted being completely controlled by it in some ways later in his presidency - but if only he'd shown more than a glimmer of campaign Obama once in office!).

If Obama had done what he ran on (transparent government, an end to special interests, an end to wars in the Middle East, no more favoring Wall Street, close Guantanemo, fix healthcare, and be a centrist on social issues), he would've been my favorite modern president. Instead he abandoned all those issues within his first three months (except perhaps healthcare, which he did try on, but then made a bunch of pointless compromises to try to reach out to Republicans, none of whom voted for it anyway, and created a Frankenstein system that was broken from the get-go).

As for feminism, in general I'm not too worried about it. I'm certainly not going to waste time campaigning against it. Not a worthwhile use of the short time I have on this planet.

Nevertheless, the problem with any sort of victim mentality - be it American feminism (which I largely dislike), the online red pill movement (which I also largely dislike), and large elements of every political movement (all of which I largely dislike) - is that normal human behavior gets twisted into "abuse of power." When the truth is the opponent of the "victim" is seeking power for himself - and so is the "victim."

I consider all strains of victim mentality the "downfall of society", yes. Simply because we have ample historical examples of the rise of rampant victim mentality in societies immediatley preceding their downfalls. The reason is because victim mentalities divide societies - and a house divided won't stand.

I'd like to see the various strains of American victim mentality dry up and the country get back to being unified again. America has been the greatest force for technological advancement since Alexandria. But I am somewhat pessimistic that will happen. However, so long as there is still a chance, it's probably worth fighting against the dying of America's light.

Moving on... Onto your "accept the problem" bit.

Let's look at powerful men using their positions to get sex. Why do men pursue power? To get sex. What do men do with power once they have it? They use it to get sex.

Is this a problem? Well, perhaps. Depends on your perspective. What we can say with certainty is it is a FEATURE of humans, power, and civilization. There is no way around it. The biggest feminist-supporting men in history have all done this - from Harvey Weinstein to Mao Zedong (who was a huge liberator of women; it was one of his biggest issues. He was horrified at how unfair Chinese marriage law was toward women, and put in a number of pro-woman reforms. It didn't stop him from using his power to shag numerous women a day bareback, never cleaning himself [Mao quote when his doctor told him he needed to start washing his privates: "I wash my penis in the water of women's vaginas"], and having all kinds of venereal diseases... which he likely spread to women far and wide. As a rule, powerful female liberation-supporting men are the most personally destructive toward women).

There are two ways we can deal with this reality.

One is we can fight against reality with all our might. We can brainwash young men and women into believing this isn't true. Then when men give into biology, we can go apoplectic and tell them "that is NOT okay!" Then pretend like it was just those men, and now that we've cleaned up the bad men, this problem is finally solved. Then when it happens again, we can be shocked anew, and claim that it must be due to education. We just need to better educate men to suppress their sexuality, and women to fight against male sexuality. Then when it happens again we can be yet more shocked, because we can't believe anyone could still be so backwards as to think this was still okay.

The other way is to accept reality, and learn to work within it. We know that men acquire power to better acquire sex. Okay, let's make peace with it, it's not going anywhere until we learn to reproduce by budding and take sex and sex organs out of the picture. So what do we know? Well, we know if a woman enters a powerful man's sphere, that man will look for ways to have sex with her.

Let's say we decide that's bad. Powerful men should not try to have sex with women they hold power over. I don't necessarily disagree with the statement - it is inline with Confucian ethics; a superior should not do to an inferior what he would not want done to himself. The problem is this is a basic function of male behavior, and no amount of wishing it away (or educating it away - eduation has, unfortunately, a very limited ability to shape behavior... I wish that wasn't the case... or legislating it away for that matter - laws have even less impact than education; just look at America's prison population) will make it go. Confucius himself was often a bit more idealistic than realistic.

What are the options to tackle this "humanity feature"? Well, we can segregate men and women. I don't want this option, but it solves the problem, now that we've decided it's a problem.

There are more ridiculous solutions, like "kill all the men", "castrate them all", "ban men from positions of power", or "end civilization and go back to living in the woods" which I don't think we need to discuss for obvious reasons.

We can do as we've done throughout most of history, and not permit women actors. Usually, men play women's roles as well as men's. In Casanova's time, there were more actresses, but of course these women were generally at the bottom of society and considered to be loose women (and there is little doubt the casting couch was alive and well). Of course, we like our movies to be as real as possible, and no one wants to see a bunch of men dressed in drag.

The best solution I can see is to stop wishing away reality and start actually educating our young men and women again (educating them to be aware of reality, rather than to try to shape reality). "This is male nature" "This is female nature." "Ladies, when you are around a powerful male, he will look for ways to court you. This is just how men are. Know that going into whatever situation you go into."

As it were, the attempts to "educate men" about their "abuse of power" and "oppression" have led to an insane split in American men. Many ordinary men have become ashamed of their sexualities, while many powerful men have learned to cheerlead feminist issues as a shield against their indulgence in poweful male excesses.

America is going to continue to be sick with these ails until it returns to a more reality-based understanding of male nature (and hopefully also female nature... most of these women did not go alone with Weinstein and others because they wanted to play a game of checkers. They were there because they wanted something from him - then did not like the deal he offered).

Anyway. This is what I call a "hard problem" - it is one without a ready solution. There are many problems like this in life, and much of what people spend their time arguing about consists of hard problems. In general, hard problems are problems where whatever solution you adopt, someone loses.

Often you can find solutions where people lose as little as possible though - and this whole "let's pretend educating men to be supporters of women's rights will remove men's sexual inclinations, and let's tell ourselves we're past powerful men wanting sex and that these men are truly fighters for the cause of women's rights" solution is not an effective one (as we see from the Gropocalypse).

How do you solve this sort of problem? I don't know. I'd love to hear solutions, but anything close to "men just have to change their behavior" or "we just have to better educate men" or "we just need better laws" just plunk into the "idealism" box -- works great in a utopia, but we ain't in one.