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It’s time for us to stop lying to women. It’s time to stop pretending that men and women are asexual beings and that the working, professional world is some kind of sterile robot land where individual urges don’t shape the playing field. It’s time to stop dividing men into the “good asexual nice guy feminist” camp and the “evil sexual patriarchal caveman” camp – it’s time to stop moralizing male sexuality.

I found this article a huge relief after your comment about Weinstein doing well with beautiful women. I'll admit that being an image-focused guy myself, the site of Weinstein (at least in most photos where he attempts to smile) makes me want to vomit… maybe even cleanse the human race :P Masculinity is the last concept I'd associate with the likes of him.

Our media has a habit of parading the worst of the worst so routinely that we get these ugly deeds stuck in our heads as if they were going on everywhere all the time. Then we feel pissed and get distracted from important things.

It's a shame men with fame like Weinstein cannot capitalize very effectively on their power. I suppose with fame comes scrutiny and with scrutiny comes less freedom to maneuver. It is impossible for most of us to know what life is really like in the limelight.

I think you nailed it in the part I quoted from your article: just be honest about your manly desires! If done in a socially calibrated way, the women will start to flow.


P.S. I recently hit it off with a girl whom I had moved to a remote corner of a nighttime lounge. She got around to asking if I was single, to which I openly replied that I am involved in a few unconventional relationships with women who also have other men of their own.

Fast-forward, I asked if her friends would be all right if I kissed her. She said it would be "OK on the cheek." However, as I kissed her cheek, I brought my left hand to her other cheek and turned her lips to mine. After lightly sucking on her upper lip for about three seconds, she looked down at the table, saying, "that's different…" We exchanged numbers, and she even grabbed my ass before leaving!

I'm going with being unapologetically male. It can make interaction with fun women effortless.

She enters your world… not the other way around.
Tweak your way to the top ;)