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Yes, I guess for the naive or inexperienced there must've been a shock to see all that unfold. Man after man after man, that after a while she must wonder, "Are all men like that?" It's the true that the public conversation hasn't been one of whether this is a man thing or not, but yeah, many people must have wondered about that in more private moments. And as you say, after the shock and anger subside, the subsequent reaction is that of adaptation, of making their peace with it.

Re: prostitution. I watched a Vice piece the other day on that in Canada. A couple of years ago, the Canadian parliament passed a law that criminalized the purchase of sexual services, making it harder to access prostitutes. And when you see the hearings, they were dominated by the religious and puritanical Right on the one hand, staunch feminists on the other, but almost nothing in between. Few prostitutes themselves were heard. And those who were and who said they were fine, never encountered violence or coercion in their work and so on, were derided by some of the female MPs as trying to put a positive spin on prostitution. So that section of their conservative party banded with the feminist section of their labour party, and went ahead and passed it anyway, even though 65% of the Canadian public wants it decriminalized.

And yeah, the debate and those who pushed for criminalization was dominated by women. Even that 65% when you see the breakdown of it, it's 75% for men and 56% for women. Same thing for my state of Nevada, there are regular pollings in the counties on whether to keep it legal or not, and although the majority do want to keep it legal, men are still markedly more to say yes than women.

And even though public opinion on this issue is more or less the same throughout the Western world, I'm still not seeing getting legalized or decriminalized (where it already isn't) in the near future either. Because I'm just not seeing a politician coming forward and making hooker legalization as part of his platform.

But it's all hypocritical. In my city of Reno, prostitution is supposed to be illegal, though only a misdemeanor, yet I've yet to remember a time I saw or even heard of law enforcement arresting pimps, hookers, or johns. It's one of those laws that's just there to look pretty, to have a "we don't stand for this" front to the city and county. Kind of like how no polygamist ever gets prosecuted in Utah.

By the way, this whole chattel thing is ridiculous. It's not the women that get bought, it's their sexual services. And chattel implies they have no say in the matter, which is not the case.