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Interesting perspective.

Yes, the "not acceptable to act" bit was what I was driving at too ("You're not supposed to do that!!"). The problem of course is men aren't automatons. You don't switch it off at work, then switch it on when you get to the club. It's either on or off all the time.

One of the major reasons so many men have trouble with women in the modern West is because they are trying to keep themselves switched off around women in school and at work and other public places, and then somehow magically switch on when suddenly some girl is showing interest in them somewhere. And they can't do it. Then the girl gets annoyed or figures the guy doesn't like her and leaves.

But the reactions to these haven't been ones of "boy will be will boys" but of outrage, from the majority of men and women on both sides of the spectrum. So if anything, this kind of behavior in a professional context will become less tolerated.

The initial reaction wasn't so much my concern here. Yes, the initial reaction is outrage: ALL men are pigs!! Which will likely be followed with, at first, widespread disillusionment with men. Then acceptance.

Tell me if you've seen this in your relationships: a girlfriend flips out over something you do/have done. Then you explain that sorry babe, that's just the way I am. It isn't going to change. And for a while she cools way off to you and acts disgusted with you, and you think, "Well I guess that's it. The relationship must be over then. Guess I'll have to start looking for a new chick." Then after a little time has gone by, suddenly out of the blue she is crazy about you and tells you she understands and that is just how you are... and you are thinking Is this chick nuts? What's going on?

That's the augur I'm talking about. We are in the "cools way off and acts disgusted with you" phase, except at a civilization-scale. And while we're in it, you'll likely see men cool off too. It's that "Um, okay, well, I guess it's over then?" kind of befuddled feeling you get when you hit her with some dose of reality and she just stews over it.

Prostitution is supposed to be an outlet for this particular urge, namely that of men trading money and non-sexual favors for sex, and women vice-versa? Let it be. It'd be a good way for men to engage in this in a way that doesn't include the implied blackmail and threats that often come with it when this when exercised in work-related contexts.

May happen at some point.

But you'd need the power of feminsm to wane more than it has to-date. There are a variety of reasons feminists are opposed to prostitution (it isn't just about retaining sexual power by keeping sex harder to get for men... though that is a motivation; another large factor is about the rejection of the idea that women can be bought like chattle, which grates hard against the feminist worldview).

I would not expect this any time in the too-near future... :)