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Depends on what branch of feminism you mean!

Sex positive branches, empathetic branches, non-oppression-based empowerment, etc., I'm entirely on board with.

Third wave feminism, as well as the feminism of the movement's founders (i.e., "women are historical victims of oppression"), I am (and always have been) every bit as opposed to as the red pill men's rights movement, and all other political victim movements. I find victim mentality uniquely distasteful; it poisons everything it touches and twists it and makes it ugly. And it hobbles whosoever's mind it infects - victims are forever battling against perceived oppression.

The best thing that could happen in my opinion would be if you could round up all the "women are oppressed by men" feminists, and all the "men are oppressed by women" red pill guys, and toss them in a big gymnasium together with each other and run out and lock the door. Then watch the goings on through a security camera, with a big tub of popcorn. And maybe a couple of bags of M&Ms.

Failing that, the next best thing would be to get these people out of our schools. It's one thing to have victim mentality yourself... but something else to imprint that on legions of young people you should otherwise be training up to be healthy, happy, productive citizens. Very bad to do, from a "let's not make everyone miserable and then have civilization collapse" point of view.