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Rather it's men stuck in the out-dated Christian/Islamic mindset that relationships were supposed between well-heeled middle-aged men and young attractive women. Back in the "good old days" young men were pretty hopeless until they matured into their looks and got more power and status as their hard work during their young years paid off. Hence Weinstein & co. are surprised today's women aren't attracted to them. In the 1950s these men would been the Alpha males but today are creepy old men. They can't understand the new era where young attractive women want young, handsome, charming men. Men are angry an implied social contract has been broken where any man can be attractive to young, good-looking women if they play their cards right. Such men are at a loss because they were told in their formative years "if I made the big bucks and got the fancy job I would be irresistible to young, beautiful women."