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While the urge to try and be with some girl around you will always be there, I think it can be tamed with big enough disincentives and a large enough stick that it becomes an unappealing option for most. The threat of being outed, denounced, and of sexual harassment lawsuits are some of them.

The debate that followed this seemed to me centered less around "do (all) men have this urge?" and more about "is acting this way on these urges acceptable?" I'm sure mass shootings are a typically male urge as well but they're not accepted nonetheless.

Chase, you seem to think this augurs a post-feminism era for what they are. But the reactions to these haven't been ones of "boy will be will boys" but of outrage, from the majority of men and women on both sides of the spectrum. So if anything, this kind of behavior in a professional context will become less tolerated. And what I think it will do is make men more hesitant to make advances to female co-workers, and women more guarded about seeming advances from the guys and have less qualms about reporting someone to the higher-ups or HR. I think it will reduce the amount of workplace or coworker hookups and romances, because the incentive structure is changing: the stick has become bigger for would-be workplace players, and possible repercussions and threats of retaliation lesser for the women to cry harassment or assault. And when you raise the cost for something you'll see less of it.

How do I know this? Because I'M less inclined to even think of my female coworkers that way ever since that dam broke. I just don't want to go there anymore. The whole things looks too sticky and icky. I even spend less time around the women. I wasn't even fond of 'social circles' women to begin with.

What I think this will effectively do is draw a clearer line for most men and women between work and pick-up. Because if men become less likely to get away with it, they'll just go for escorts and prostitutes. And on that, prostitution should just be made legal, we should stop kidding ourselves about this one too. It's barely enforced anyway. Prostitution is supposed to be an outlet for this particular urge, namely that of men trading money and non-sexual favors for sex, and women vice-versa? Let it be. It'd be a good way for men to engage in this in a way that doesn't include the implied blackmail and threats that often come with it when this when exercised in work-related contexts.