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It's a shame to see you in the culture war mindset. In my experience I've found most of your work here compatible with a feminist perspective (simple example, acknowledging how society will punish a girl/her reputation for overt sexuality while rewarding sexually successful men is surely patriarchy 101). Unlike some of the darker corners of pick-up and seduction, your articles largely kept focused on explanations of what works and builds attraction, and explaining why based on social context, rather than this angle of biological essentialism. I don't think the only choice for men is to either be asexual, or leave enough/so many women feeling violated in their wake they can start a hashtag campaign. There's room to both respect consent and defuse resistance...

I don't want to go on too long here, I still find the work valuable and informative, and certainly intend to learn more. I've enjoyed the positivity and respect for women, sex, and women's sexuality (and acknowledgement of the negative experiences they often face) maintained in most articles here, and I hope not to see that lost down the well of reactionary politics.