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Right on!

By the way, was thinking about the concept of the article a little more. It does seem like there are two things going on concurrently with the whole Weinstein issue:
1. There are women who were complicit with using the casting couch as a tool to get ahead, either a career boost or to get ahead faster. Even the quote by Jessica Chastain hints at this. For these women, it seems the best "wash of all responsibility" is to go the ASD route and either not say anything at all (because to admit it would admit guilt of use of sex for power), or to deny all responsibility by accusing the man of an unwanted sexual advance.
2. For typical feminist women who are not in Hollywood, on the other hand, this seems to be a wake up call to cognitive dissonance as you mentioned, because they had a view of "two different kinds of men," that is nice non-sexual men they can "trust" and all other men, whereas now they're waking up to a painful reality that there really is only one kind of man (and consequently, one kind of woman, haha).