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"Progressivism was always an ideology based on censorship of the opposition, rather than victory in debates over it"

Anyone can find some idiots who claim to subscribe to an ideology, point to them and say "that's X movement, ideology, etc..."

For example, regarding Islam, it's like when people take the most extremist members of the religion (terrorists) and then are like "that's Islam". It's a stupid argument that completely lacks nuance. A loud minority =/= an entire ideology.

I could point to half a dozen conservatives who violate their so-called principles all the time in the name of political power. For example, as one of the most recent cases, the Senate Special Election in Alabama right now. If you completely ignore the sexual allegations against Moore, he and all his supporters would still be massive hypocrites in championing so-called conservative values. The dude was removed from the Alabama State Supreme Court TWICE. He said that Democratic Congressman and progressive Keith Ellison should not be allowed to serve in Congress BECAUSE he's a Muslim. And that's just a couple of things he's said/done.

I'm not saying you're wrong in that these male feminists brought this on themselves, just that there are legitimate arguments for progressive policies. Simply because you don't seem to agree with progressive values doesn't mean that the entire movement is composed of morons who can't make real arguments.