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Don't females also have a much easier time getting in than males? Sounds unfair too.

The thing is, if all of those discriminatory standards are dropped, high-end clubs wouldn't survive, and you'd just be left with bum clubs. Sure, then, everyone would be more equal... equal bums, that is. Viva la revolución, viva el socialismo!

You have to screen for the people most likely to to preserve the character of the club, or else the club as you know and desire it would stop existing altogether. This is good on the broader, societal level, because it encourages people to up their game towards financial success and less crime, and this elevates society as a whole, including people from the disadvantaged club classes.

But ultimately, you have to discriminate in certain instances, or else civilization goes to hell. You allow a great number of thugs, your club turns into the hood. In the same way if you allowed to 20 million Haitians to your country overnight, you'll see a massive decline in peace and overall living standards.