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This article about the nightclubs exposes racism, classism, and lookism at night clubs. It should not matter how one is dressed, looks, what race and nationality one is and so on, if one wants to go to a nightclub to have fun that should be ones right as oppossed to being denied entrance. People who are standing in line at nightclubs everywhere should run down the bouncers defying them and the owners who allow the discrimination and exclusion to go on forcing themselves into the nightclubs and then dancing the night away having fun.These racist lookist and classist bouncers can go fuck themselves!!! I would be delighted to hear about bouncers being stampeded on and pushed over and stomped on by crowds of people who returned to the nightclub they were rejected from entering into getting their revenge on the bouncers as these crowds go in and dance the night away at the dismay of the bouncers and owners who allowed the discrimination to go on.