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1.I was wondering what would be a good strategy for seeing girls after the club after you get her number.

I was thinking of texting them after the club to chill at their house or something.

Or I just get the number and talk to her a few days later.

I haven't had any success with the second one, do you think I should have text conversations for a few days after meeting them? Get them on the phone then ask for a date? I have tried keeping texts short and to the point, I mostly ask them how they are and then when they're free, some tell me when, but always flake on me, and some don't even respond to the text after I leave my name. I haven't had any success with this.

I haven't tried the first, tell me how you feel? Think we should go out to eat or should I just try to get back to her place?

Anyway, I want to still get a date and lay with the way I have been doing things just because I have done it enough and not succeeded, I want to succeed at least once, so what would be the best way to get girls out and fuck them after you get their number, send a hello text, then the next day comes? I need to get them out, what is the best method to make this work?

I know you said same night lays work better for clubs, what are the steps for that?

What can I deep dive about that's cool to talk about in the club and get them to want to give me the draws. I feel if I deep dive well enough, I got em, I'm just not tryna deep dive about useless shit.

2. I want to start going to the club alone, but how do I protect myself from haters and confrontations? I won't be with my boys, so I need to know what to do to be safe from the haters. Sometimes you can't avoid them, but I would like to know how I can be safe when I go out alone to get girls at clubs and bars.

3. How do I find someone that wants to just go clubbing? I also want that person to be someone i can trust. Everyone I know is married or they just feel old. I still want to have fun. I'm older and it would be weird to me to find someone younger than I am to hand out with, know how I can find a club buddy around my age , at my age?