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Hi Chase, thanks for another very good article, i was thinking about this while I was hanging out in NYC this past weekend. Basically my question is similar but in a different situation. I was hanging out with my friends over the weekend and got to meet up with some of his female cousins. Of course the overall interaction with her was very brief, mostly over brunch for about 2 hours in large group setting before she had to go. So in situations like this, how do you get with the cousin in terms of her contact and setup a date afterwards at a later time, without coming off as too aggressive in front of everyone? How about at a friends house party, where you spot a single girl you like and start chatting her up a bit, how to do you approach getting her contact for a date at later time? I feel these are very short window of an hour or two at most, afterwards i will never see these girls again since i don't have regular interaction with them. I guess i can get to know their name, chat them up, and hit them up on facebook later, but was wondering if you had other suggestions when dealing with these types of situations where there is time compression.