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haha yea I've definitely seen the ask her out again & again one. In high school, there was this guy who kept asking my friend out over & over. She didn't like him, thought he was annoying and once, she slapped him hard in the face in front of a big group of people. Somehow tho, they eventually ended up going out & dating him for over a year. i still don't really understand caz he was pompous and pretentious and most people didn't like him. she was pretty cute too

I'd definitely be interested in reading an article like that. Your anecdotes here just got me thinking more creatively and less rigidly in thinking that i can only get a girl w/ X, Y, Z steps. i think as a beginner, for me, keeping it simple makes it easy but i do wish i would keep a more open mind of there's an entire A-Z number of ways to end up together. the freedom of creativity in thinking of ways to get a girl makes it more fun & exciting for me, but also more in theory. a process & doing the same thing over & over simplifies things in the heat of the moment

I'm in the same boat as you. Connecting is a fundamental to me and i'd do regardless if I had heard of GC, but prob not as well w/o the tips i've learned here.

Also why did girls think you were scary in the beginning of college? Seems random haha.

Thanks for answering my ?'s Chase

- WT