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That could be an article in its own right! But some of the most common ones are the guys who repeatedly ask girls out again and again... I always saw that as desperate and viewed it as an ineffectual strategy, but after hearing a few of these stories I decided it must work sometimes.

Girls talking about guys taking them on different kinds of dates... Some of the most surprising to me for a while were girls having guys invite them to their apartments on first dates and curling up with glasses of wine next to a big window or on a couch and just chatting for a few hours, then screwing. Often these would be classy girls and I didn't imagine (when I was younger) they could be had on first dates, and especially not with easy dates like that, just drinking wine and chatting in the guy's apartment. Men using romantic stuff, both subtle and over-the-top, to sleep with girls, like giving the girl a bunch of flowers or taking her some place that had sentimental experience to the guy.

Oana and Andreea both talk about how guys got them in the past in One Date & TDA, some of these ways pretty surprising, so if youend up picking up a copy of that when it goes on sale hopefully late February you'll hear some of those in there as well.

"How to Get a Girlfriend" I aimed to keep as lean and simple as I could while having all the major steps in there. So I didn't include a lot of things like deep diving, chase framing, resistance-handling, etc. Those things are often going to be in there too, but in the interest of not making the article too complicated or too crowded I left them out. Connection is absolutely a staple of mine, though, yes.

As for girls with guys with terrible fundamentals, usually it's social circle. The longer people know each other, the less appearances matter. So it's possible for schlubby guys to get hot girls if they know them socially and have attractive personalities. This was my kryptonite moving from high school into a huge university campus (40,000 students); in high school, I was able to get the hottest girls crazy about me over time through personality alone, even though fundamentals-wise I was pretty bad. Once I got to college and every class had different people and I rarely saw the same girls much, girls all thought I was scary and avoided me. Not until junior year - when I found myself in a bunch of the same classes with the same small set of people - did I find myself with hot girls chasing after me again. Then once I got out into the real world, that disappeared again. At that point, I realized being overweight, wearing baggy clothes and jangly gold jewelry, having a crappy $12 haircut, and mumbling in a monotone voice wasn't going to cut it, so I started to work on fundamentals.

But yeah, if I'd been a little bit more aggressive in high school or college, I could've been one of those guys you'd have looked at and said, "How on Earth is that sloppy-looking dude with that knockout?" Wouldn't happen now because my fundamentals are in order, but there's probably a universe in which chubby Chase figures out enough about girls in college that he never needs to go on his seduction self-improvement journey, and probably stays chubby Chase forever.