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In the event you make eye contact from a distance first:

  1. Hold it
  2. Smile at her
  3. After she smiles, slowly glance to the side
  4. Start to walk toward her, not looking at her yet (but she knows you mean to talk to her)
  5. As you draw near, resume eye contact and flash another smile
  6. Open

You can also do the "maintain laser-like eye contact all the way over" bit, but you need to balance that with a very strong opener - probably verbally strong, and definitely nonverbally strong.

"Different styles of game for different kinds of girls" - I do not have a list. Most of this stuff is instinctual to me at this point, unless I sit down to seriously analyze how something is done or what the difference is between what this girl responds to and that one does, etc. No lists for anything I haven't analyzed. I'd want to avoid being overly simplistic, in any event... Things that work on one girl can work on another, just sometimes they need tweaks or some things may be more likely to work on one type of girl than they are on another, is all.

As for the playful asshole style... Check out my new post on A2daMIR's approach. That might give you a bit of inspiration - he's basically nothing but straight up playful asshole, 24/7/365.