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Hey Chase,

I appreciate your answer to my comment on learning about girls in the female sexuality article

I've already started working on getting out of the I'm special mentality, switching to thinking that "I'm just a guy/She's just a girl, we're all just guys/girls/people..." but I think some more experience should help me out there.

You also mentioned how some girls told you about a story of how a guy got them in some way you'd never expect, can you share some w/ me? that piqued my curiousity & I don't have much experience but I'm interested haha.

Speaking of that topic too, in that article you mentioned the thing of how some of the beautiful girls had some ugly lovers in the past, and I've noticed this trend sort of before.

Often I'll see normal attractive girls w/ guys who I'd think would fit them on a first impression scale but then there are these (relatively often in my experience) times when I see some girls who are prettier than those girls before & they're with these guys who have poor fundamentals, looks or things I can see on first sight.

One time I saw this beautiful 5'6" blonde girl w/ a great body, Sports Illustrated college cheerleader of the week & she was holding hands w/ this guy who was overweight, had poor grooming & poor posture, pretty much an overall poor 1st-impression kind-of-guy (tho I didn't know him other than what I saw of him). I also kind of knew of this girl from a distance in school and the previous guy she was with wasn't much in these departments either. Seriously how do these things happen lol?

That example was the most extreme I've seen but i've seen similar occurences, how do these things happen? What do these girls think in making their choice & how they feel? Overall, i'm baffled.

Also I was reading your how to get a girlfriend in 2 weeks article (good article man) & I was wondering why you didn't mention bonding-deep diving for the date part? I got the impression in learning from Girls Chase that connecting was a staple with girls?

Maybe it's the girls I see but getting to know them deeper on dates has worked out well for me but also my experience isn't much, so maybe a small sample size so far.

Thanks Chase - WT