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Hey Chase,

Thanks for another approach article.
In your main how to approach anywhere article, you mentioned about not making eye contact, then moving close to them, then casually pre-open and then etc.

What say they caught your eye, as they give you the look or AI or what have you...
By then, you and her know each other's presence.
If I then walked up close to her, according to the steps in the main article, it feels creepy.

But does that mean we have to stick to the confident approach and walk straight up?
However, in your main approach article, you noted how risky this is as the guy is expected to carry that same confident vibe throughout from his beeline directness.

What would you do in this situation?

Re: Different "style of game"
I remember you mentioned about certain styles work with certain types and age of girls.
Such as playful asshole style for "18-24"

Do you have a list?
Maybe some on girls' lifestyle types or even race.
And finally how to build these styles ready to go in our arsenal when necessary?

I've been having trouble with playful asshole style. Not much of a talkative type and run out material haha

p.s. your email notification system is back online now :) It started not work a year ago. Glad it's fixed!