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"I've already seen several comments above do this, but for the sake of the point being made in this post, why don't we do a little test? =)

For those of you that see my comment and are interested in participating, please reply to my comment and rank the six girls in the picture above. I will go ahead and rank them right now myself:

5, 6, 4, 2, 1, 3

(1-3 is top left to top right, 4-6 is bottom left to bottom right)"



Super late to the party, but here's my ranking.


6 seems to rank consistently high among the commenters here =) Sauce? anyone knows her name?

Girl 1. (chinese girl, top left hand corner) is Liu Yifei. Though, Fan bing bing or Angelababy is much more beautiful, as a representative of chinese girls. (just my opinion LOL)

This is a fun activity. Every regular reader should post their preferences here so that we can see the variance!