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For some reason, I can't see your message here, but I got it in my email.

I think I took the "lumberjack" part too literally --as in 'their profession'-- whereas what you meant is just "lumberjack-type" or "lumberjack-looking". Haven't seen much of the formers, have seen quite a few of the latters.

Me... I'm more the "goes to the desert in a convertible with his bros to drink, smoke, listen to music, and and see who can shoot the most lizards" type of guy. I've only taken my girlfriends there three times so far even though I've been there like thirty times. I often attract and end up with the meek malleable types and those tend to find the whole desert thing at night with the lizards murky and end up having cold feet about, so they rarely come. But it's the opposite, it's one of the most beautiful experiences one can have, especially on moonful nights. You know, each one of us has one of those moments that remain engraved in your head with all the concomitant feelings, and mine are pulling over right in the middle of the rocky desert full of history-loaded holes with only the sound of burning cigar leaves, this song, and and gunshots cutting through the stunned silence of that place and time along with someone I like. I wouldn't trade those moments for half a million bucks (though for a million I would), or for shagging the hottest thing since fire--yes, the US 50 is my ultimate love. So yeah, I guess in short you could call me the desert type.

Now as to what the typical lizard-shooting desert-type looks like: spikey hair, sunglasses, rather strong build, cross chain, sideburns, fitted dark shirt/t-shirt, dark jeans, black shoes, one left-arm tattoo, occasional stubble. Here he was two years ago.

As to you, you sound like the hyper type of girl, most likely bisexual... I'm right, aren't I? (smirk)